Saturday, 23 July 2016

Inklings is looking for interns!

Inklings Literary Agency is looking for a few good men (AND WOMEN!) remote (unpaid) interns to join our ranks and help tackle our ever looming to-read lists.

This means reading full and partial manuscripts and writing up reader reports. It may also mean helping to manage a query inbox, assisting in content and line edits of client manuscripts, and various other creative and administrative tasks.

Some basics:

·         This is a remote position. You don’t have to be located in NYC, or near any of our agents. It can be done anywhere as long as you have wifi. Literally.

·         You can work at any time of the day or night. We do ask, however, that applicants be able to commit to at least one manuscript per week—we expect this will be a 10-15 hour per week commitment, for a minimum of 6 months.

·         It’s okay if you are a writer. It’s okay if you are querying and have queried me or plan to. It's okay if you are agented and/or published. It’s okay if you’re none of the above, too.

·         If you are currently interning for another agency, publisher, we are unfortunately unable to consider you for this position, simply to avoid any conflicts of interest.

Please note:

While this is a agency-wide call for interns, selected individuals will be paired with the agent whose tastes most match their own, and will, in general, work solely with that agent during their time with Inklings.

Our agents are currently looking for readers in the following:
·         Jamie Bodnar Drowley — Young Adult, Middle Grade, and Romance (all sub genres)
·         Naomi Davis —Young Adult and Adult (romance, light sci-fi, and fantasy)
·         Whitley Abell —Young Adult and Middle Grade (all genres) and Fiction (women’s fiction [chick-lit, upmarket, literary, historical, thriller], select fantasy)
·         Alex Barba — Young Adult and Middle Grade (all genres, but especially contemporary and fantasy)
·         Amanda Jain — Fiction (romance, mystery, historical, women’s fiction [book club / upmarket])

To apply, please send an email to with INTERN in the subject line. Please indicate which agent(s) you are interested in working with, and include the following:

·         A short description of why you want this internship.
·         Any publishing background (No experience required, but it’s good to know if you do have some.)
·         A list of your favorite books (Please limit 5 to 10 titles and do not include classics. We are looking for interns whose tastes align well with ours in the current market.)
·         A list of the last 10 books you’ve read.
·         If you want to include your resume that is fine, but please paste it below the rest.

This position will remain open until Saturday, August 6, at 11:59 PM Central Time.

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